Fun facts about Paul Wedding

The day after attending The Biology of Belief seminar at the Century Link Convention Center, I had Paul on my radio show for an interview. I asked him 10 questions about his work and his life, then some fun facts about himself..Here’s the interview:

  1. Q: When you are on the road, where’s your favorite place to stay?
    A: The Hampton Inn.
  2. Q: The best place to eat?
    A: Delmonicos steak house, the absolute best. It’s in Utica, New York, and worth the drive!
  3. Q: Do you have a favorite sport?
    A: Baseball. Hockey is close, but baseball is still my favorite.
  4. Q: How about a favorite City?
    A: Three are very close. San Diego, St.George Utah, and Ft.Collins Colorado.
  5. Q: You’re favorite bands?
    A: I listen to a lot of music. Van Halen, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, and Sinatra are my favorites.
  6. Q: Television shows?
    A: The King of Queens is my favorite. Doug reminds me of me.
  7. Q: Batman or Superman?
    A: Batman.
  8. Q: Partridge Family or the Brady Bunch?
    A: The Partridge Family.
  9. Q: The Munsters or the Addams Family?
    A: The Munsters.
  10. Q: How about movies, Paul?
    A: Boy, seven come to mind. The Rainman- Awakenings- No Country for Old Men- The Great Escape- As good as it gets- Goodfellas- A Bronx tale.
  11. Q: Favorite month?
    A: September.
  12. Q: What is you’re favorite vehicle?
    A: The 2002 Ford Expedition.
  13. Q: A night on the town, or staying home?
    A: I am a home body.
  14. Q: What City is you’re next event in?
    A: Michigan! In Lake Orion…Come on out!

During a radio interview recently, Paul talked about being homeless, his work, and hopes for the future.

1. Paul, is there a difference in being motivated and being inspired?

Big difference, Ray. I’ve never understood why people invest in motivational seminars and training to be honest. If you can’t motivate yourself to get excited about your life, and what’s inevitable, how can someone do it for you? When someone is motivated, they’ll not allow anything to get in their way, it’s all about them. Motivation is also something that’s very easy to lose, especially when results are not recognized quickly. Either way, motivation is something you create. Inspiration is something that comes to you. It finds you and takes you in the direction you we’re meant to go in, it’s a very knowing experience to be inspired.


2. Can we truly get the things we need and most of all desire in life?

Absolutely we can, but we need to learn how. Many will think all they have to do is believe in achieving whatever it is they’re after, that belief is all that’s required. They believe it will happen, so now it’s just sit and wait, and these wonderful things will fall out of the sky into their laps. There’s more, much more we need to do, but yes, we can absolutely have everything we desire in life.


3. Then why do so many people never realize what they desire most if it’s an absolute, if it’s inevitable?

Like I said, we need to learn how. In the Inevitable Life I go through this process step by step, and it will work every time. For some, life treats us in a manner that leaves us believing nothing good is possible for us, or we blame our past, circumstances, or as I’ve heard some tell me, it’s not my destiny to have what I want. We’ve got to change the losing mentality, and that’s not easy to do for many, but I have shown thousands just how to do it.


4. So when someone comes to you wanting to make changes in their lives, what’s the first step in doing so?

The first step in changing anything, be it a behavior or a desire is to change how you see yourself. Once you can make that shift, the rest comes much easier.


5. I was at your seminar yesterday, and I really thought you were terrific. You mentioned something about time healing all wounds as very unreliable, but it’s something we have all been taught to believe in. If time doesn’t heal all wounds, then what does?

I was working with a woman who went through a real messy divorce. She was instructed by her Pastor to not date for one full year, to take the time to heal. She told me that she hasn’t felt any different in terms of her feelings and insecurities since her divorce, now going on 16 months. I asked her what she did over the course of that year, and she told me that she went to work, watched TV, did some improvements around the house and so on.. It’s not the time that heals, it’s what you do with the time. You can white knuckle your way through the 12 months, but if you don’t address the issue, no amount of time will help you.


6. You talked yesterday about a mindset of service. Is service part of achieving what we desire in life.

It is. It’s a very big part. I strongly urge people to find something, a cause, that you have interest in and donate your time to it. One thing I have learned is this; There is no better way of getting your mind off of what troubles you about yourself than helping someone else with what troubles them. I donate some of my time to the homeless cause, and it’s as rewarding as anything I do, I encourage everyone to find something they’re interested in. What you’ll find are big rewards for service, I will promise you this.


7. What was the experience of being homeless like?

It’s groundhog day. Something I remember very clearly happened a week after I was displaced. A car pulled along side of me, and one of the occupants asked if I needed something to drink, I said yes, very much. He threw a slurpee type drink on me, they laughed and sped away. The first thought that came to me was a time where I did the same thing to a homeless person, and now it was happening to me. It’s a desperate, lonely, isolated existence. There’s nothing worse than the feelings of being unloved and useless, and that’s what I felt like 24 hours a day.


8. What is your role in this problem of homelessness?

Homelessness is no longer a problem, or an issue in our society, it’s now an epidemic. I believe as long as it doesn’t affect other people financially, threaten their jobs, or take food off their tables, people just don’t care about the homeless epidemic. I think many see homeless people at fault for being homeless, that is they’re choice to be living this way. The perceptions are far greater than the realities of homelessness.


9. Something else you talked about yesterday were failing belief systems, you mentioned three of them. What were those three?

The first was blind belief- I’m not speaking of blind faith, belief and faith are different completely. In order to carry a sound belief of something, there must be some proof, some evidence to support the belief, this is one way we build confidence. The second is believing that good and truth mean the same thing. The good thing about losing a tooth was the tooth fairy would give you money for it, however, there is no truth to it. The third is believing our emotions are more dependable than our thoughts. Very often, when we act based on emotion, we’re usually sorry that we did.


10. Are you in a relationship? How about children?

I am single, have been single for years now. Maybe, if God is willing, that will change one day. I am finally at a place in my life where I’d welcome someone into my life. I have two of the most beautiful daughters God has given life to. Jennifer is a college student, she has hopes of becoming a nurse, but is a very gifted writer. Brianna is in high school, also has a talent for writing. I know whatever they decide, I am very proud of them, and love them both dearly.

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