Where some Religions fail.

I was doing an interview with Ray Genovese on WHMP radio Northampton, Massachusetts. My next book titled I may be wrong but I doubt it was the reason Ray had me on. In the book I talk about five critical components to creating an envisioned life. When followed the way I have them written in the book, incredible things happen in people’s lives, I see it everyday. The component that Ray and I were on was our relationship to authenticity, living from our authentic self, the first of the five components.

We had a caller, a very nice Woman who wanted to comment on our discussion. Her point was in order to gain life everlasting, just being a good person would not suffice. The caller emphasized we need to be born again and other rituals we all must complete or we’re destined for the furthest point south. Now I am in favor of anything that brings a person closer to God, it is the most important relationship there is. Religion can bring hope to the hopeless, help a soul find the door to liberation when vices or situations have them by the throat, Religion succeeds where Psychology fails. But how an individual comes to this relationship is private and needs to be respected, you don’t have to like it. You don’t have to agree. But you need to respect it.

Some religions, and I preface some, promote division and separation among people, creating an atmosphere opposite of every teaching that has been made available to us. We will like you just the way you are as long as your just like is the attitude many receive when they attend their place of worship, a place they call a house of God. Not only do they know what’s best for themselves, they know what’s best for you as well, a direct contradiction to the gift of free will.

You will hear of souls who send money into television ministries, or as I call them the electric pulpit. The promise is in exchange for your money, we’re gonna get you what you want. If you really want God to know that you’re serious, send more money, that will get God’s attention. People have been known to send in their life savings, every penny they saved in exchange for a miracle, not that is utterly contemptible. I think we tend to see these organizations much like a travel agent to God, that without them, God is not going to listen to us.

So if we want God to listen, if we want to honor him, we should start by honoring each other. Living from our authentic self is a very good starting point, living life as it was meant to be experienced. Living from this perspective means you see yourself as no better, no worse than anyone else. That in being created equal, we are  all created equal in our desire to be happy, prosperous and respected. Someone said everything I needed to learn about life in learned in Kindergarten, I love this. In other words, what we need to know about living from authentic self does not require learning on our part, it’s simply remembering. God will bring you the vision, the rest is up to you…Paul

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