20 things I was just thinking about…

1. If Christ were to come back here for a week, what would he tell his Father when he returned home?

2. The divorce rate in this Country has exceeded 50%. Rather than saying “I do” maybe people should say “I do” at least for the foreseeable future, then they wouldn’t be lying to the Priest. If lying is a sin, you don’t need another problem.

3. Can someone explain to me how Fred Phelps and the good folks of the Westboro Baptist Church believe their doing God’s work by protesting at funerals? Why not take you’re puppet show into an area of the world where freedom of speech is not on the menu and see what happens?

4. If we all have 15 minutes of fame, has the fame check watch on Justin Bieber stopped on 12?

5. If discussing the goings on of celebrities is something you do, I would say you have too much time on your hands.

6. I see nothing wrong with same sex marriage. I’ve been married before, and I’m still the same sex.

7. Was watching my favorite comedy on television last night…the televangelists. One was saying if you want God to know your serious about making your finances better, then send more money into this ministry, let God know! Thanks anyway, but I’ll deliver that message myself, and the money will go to putting food on the table. Something tells me that’s what God wants me to do.

8. Heard a clip of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell 2 days after 9/11. They said the reason for the darkest day we ever witnessed was because of the gay community. Well next time I drop a cell call I’ll know who to blame…

9. People often invite me to their Church. They say were different, we love everybody for who they are. Reminds me of someone telling me their from the Government, and they’re here to help.

10. Reality shows- Proof God has a sense of humor.

11. That Burger King mascot is pretty creepy.

12. People cannot give you what you want, they can only give what they have.

13. I will say that’s an oxymoron just because I like to say the word.

14. Superbowl 2012- New England vs. Green Bay.

15. Is perception reality? The perception of us homeless people is we sleep in alleys on cardboard surrounded by empty liquor bottles. The reality is we sleep where we are not seen, not on cardboard or with empty liquor bottles. The perception of us homeless people is we are lazy, and homeless because we can’t hold a job. The reality is when places hire for day labor, us homeless people are first in line for the jobs. The perception of the homeless is we annoy people for their money, the reality is we are asking if you can spare something so we can get something. The perception of us homeless is we commit petty crimes so we can go to jail for a place to sleep, and some food 3 times a day. The reality is we value our freedom just as much as the normal people do, we’re not criminals, just displaced. Is perception reality?..I don’t think so.

16. I’m tired of hearing about the government creating jobs, business owners create the jobs.

17. Is there a pill for that?

18. A restaurant has a slogan “save the planet.” We can’t take care of each other, but we’re gonna save the planet?

19. Someone asked me during a radio interview “what is the greatest threat to humanity”? Humanity itself. There is far too much hatred in this world, hatred is going to end it all.

20. A note to helicopter parents..Let your kids be kids.

God will bring you to the vision, the rest is up to you…Paul

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