Can we truly live our envisioned life?

Something I am asked often is “Can we truly attract what we want for ourselves, because it sounds impossible.” I always tell people that so many attract everything into their life they don’t want, it only stands to reason we can do the exact opposite. The answer to can we attact what we desire is yes. Not only is it possible, it is inevitable, I will promise you that.

I will get DVD’S from people about the law of attraction, law of compensation, the secret, secret behind the secret, the psychology behind the secret and on the list goes. What life has taught me, what spiritual truth has proven to me is this: there is far more to attracting our envisioned life than simply learning how to ask for it. I am sure people find them interesting and informative, all have a place to be certain, but to rely solely on one of them is not what I would suggest. In order to live our envisioned life, we need to add several ingredients to complete the finished product.

If I were to offer you a piece of cake and you accepted, what would you expect? A piece of cake! But instead of the cake you expected I handed you a stick of butter, some flour, a cup of oil and an egg. Tasted separately, these ingredients wouldn’t taste very good now would they? But when combined together, they turn out a perfect finished product. Life is much the same. We want the finished product, and just assume skip the ingredients, the things disguised as patience, work and perseverence. When they are combined together, you create the perfect finished product, the life you have envisioned for yourself.

I know what I’m talking about. I am walking, talking, breathing proof of this. It wasn’t but a few years ago I was living in Westminster California, I was destitute. I had no money, no job, no car, no hope. I called home to a dumpster, and all I had were the clothes on my back. Today I am a best selling author, national speaker and the host of a talk show. It’s my passion, my life’s work to show others how to live the life they envision for themselves. I don’t tell this to impress you, I tell it because it’s available to all regardless of where you have been, what you have done or where you’re at today.

I know how to do this, I see it happen everyday. I will show you the process, it’s up to you to follow it exactly. If you follow it, and follow it as I have it layed out, the life you have envisioned for yourself is on it’s way, and that’s my promise to you.

Keep the peace and God bless….Paul

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