It makes no difference.

The characteristics of the human being from the internal/external perspective shows us that we are all the same; this universal differs in no way from one person to the next. It does not matter what side of the water you live, nor at what point of the universe you entered.

We are a collection of cells, tissues, blood, muscles, and organs. We are all susceptible to infection, virus and disease. We are joyful to cynical, experience heartache and sadness, experience gladness and happiness. We breathe the same air, bask in the same sun and sleep under the same stars. We are driven to love and move from fear, mistake prone, depend on second chances and revere life itself. We are all branches on this tree called humanity, a tree that must be refreshed often with love, kindness and mutual respect. I could continue with more of what’s similar, but I believe you get my point.

The human being is the grandest paradox of all.  We live in bodies that eventually die, yet we live forever.  In other words, we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than humans having a spiritual experience. So with everything that represents sameness, identifications you would think could only richen our own existence, why are so many intensely focused on differences? How have so many decided that separating from those not regarded as part of the reflecting herd be a good idea?

Hatred and separation have been around since the beginning of time. One of the reasons I do not believe in the theory of evolution is we have not evolved at all when it comes to how we accept other people. Not everyone is going to think as we do, act as we do, pray as we do or live as we do. It’s not up to us to decide what is right and not right for another person. Many people not only know what’s best for themselves, they know what’s best for the rest of us as well. There are three things that come to mind, thoughts if you will that drive this idea of differences.

Ego- I am what I have, I am what I do and I am separate from you. Ego only knows identification and separation. Culture and faith- Culture is another form of identification. It shapes and molds the individual, culture defines who we are and how we live. Beliefs- Are repetitive thoughts we think continously and live by, even though there is no grounding of truth, it’s how we interpret the belief.

We are all creations of God, all created equal. Equal in our desire to be happy and prosperous. We all come from the same place, all share the same nationality, the same culture that being of spirit, this is truth. Then we come along with our own ideas, our own requirements for membership, and we lose our true identification. We believe in difference. And the difference we believe in, well, in the end will make no difference after all, because there is no difference at all. Keep the peace and God bless..Paul

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