It’s great to be back!

I think it’s been almost 17months since my last entry. I was absolutely amazed to see all the responses that have been left here, makes one feel pretty good. From Australia to Poland to Russia and right here in Michigan, I received countless comments, and questions about what happened?
Each individual has his/her reasons for writing their blog, mine is to help improve the quality of one’s life. I also believe a blog that draws much attention comes a responsibility, that responsibility is to refresh it often with new ideas and thoughts, you just can’t write an entry when you feel like it, especially when individuals refer to it as often as mine.
I have a new book coming out soon titled “The Inevitable Life.” I can promise you this book is a terrific read. Beginning in the month of September, I will be starting a speaking tour for lack of a better term, starting in the state of Illinois. As far as the blog, I will be adding entries often and regular from this point out, and look forward to contact with you. Coming soon on my site will be a chat room where we can communicate with each other, I think that’s important. I’d like to encourage you to sign up for my newsletter, called the Wedding Proposal, you can do that on my homepage.
I look forward to building solid relationships with all of you here, and at live events when coming to your area. Thank-you all again, and I look forward to spending time together…..Paul Wedding.

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