Keeping within our assigned role.

The very first job I had was at Windmill Pointe Park in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan. My Father was a Grosse Pointe Park Police Detective and was friends with the owner of the concession stand located in the park, so my first summer job, I was fifteen at the time.

My employer was Mr.Levigne. On my first official day of employment, Mr.Levigne walked me around the concession stand and showed me what I was hired to do; cut lettuce, cut onions and cut tomatoes, and that was it. He told me specifically I did not need to take orders from customers, cook food or take out the trash, he already had others in place for those duties. Once again he told me, just do what I have hired you to do and I will take care of everything else, Paul.

After a couple of weeks I grew tired of my role, I wanted to do something else. Even though I knew what was expected of me while on the clock, I was not going to continue with it. I began stepping into the duties of others, ignoring my position. Because I decided to do what I wanted to do, the entire operation suffered because of my knowing what was best. Following a couple of light reprimands from my boss, and one far more stringent from my Father, I happily returned to cutting lettuce, cutting onions and cutting tomatoes. Thirty-four years later I am still cutting lettuce, cutting onions and cutting tomatoes, just on a larger prep table.

We have all been given assignments by the Supreme Intelligence who is responsible for all the good in life, and he made those assignments pretty simple, and very specific. But we grow tired of our assigned role, because we know what’s right, we know what’s best, and we begin stepping into roles that we were never intended to assume, this is one of the way’s in which ego expresses itself. We abandon our prep table, and begin meddling in the lives, beliefs and affairs of other people. By ignoring the role given us, the universe suffers as we are all witnessing. The reprimands we are receiving today come in the forms hatred, oppression, starvation, ignorance and a host of other issues brought on by people stepping outside their assigned roles.

We draw from from our own experiences, and because it works for me, it will work for you as well. If I were to ask you, what brings you the greatest of pride and joy in your life? Many would probably answer their children (come on raise your hands, it’s ok…nobody’s watching!) I think that God feels the same way. We have all been created by God, in his likeness, in his image. We are all part of this grand design, engineered to do great things in this life. So because of this truth, we are all related, we all share the same nationality that being of spirit, but we do not see this. What we do see is how we are different. And in looking at difference, well, the difference we see in the end will make no difference at all.

We need to live from a different consciousness, a consciousness we all lived from before we took on ego. There are things we need in life, things we desire in life. There is no secret, secret behind a secret or a psychology behind the secret. Getting what we need and desire is a little more than learning how to ask for them. I don’t have all the answers, but what life has taught me, what spiritual truth has proven to me, loving and caring for our spiritual equals is a good place to start. Look for ways to extend kindness. Look for the good in others even though that sometimes requires quite a bit of searching, count your blessings while always being one. God will bring you to the vision, the rest is up to you. Keep the peace and God bless…Paul

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  1. Well put my friend. It has taken me years to finally understand what you have just said. Cost me a lot as well. Thanks for putting it out there so clearly. It is a reminder and I thank you for that. It was so incredibly timely.

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