Remembering the basics.

Back in October I was doing a book signing in Mt.Clemens, Michigan. Early that afternoon I met a woman named Millie. “I’ve heard a lot of good things about you Paul, your influencing the lives of others in a very positive manner.” Millie stated exactly what my life is truly about, and that’s showing others a better way. When properly followed, some amazing things will follow, that I can promise you. Millie purchased two books. One was for herself, the second she said was going into the break room where she worked. I thanked her again for the kind words, then wished her a pleasant weekend, this was Saturday afternoon.

The following day I was back at the signing. Sunday being the final day, I would be there from noon till three. When I arrived at 11:50, Millie was waiting in front of my signing table. Hello Millie, and how are you doing today? Well I am just fine, Paul. I came back to talk about your book. When I got home yesterday I started reading your book after dinner, I didn’t put it down until I finished it. In an assuming tone, I said so you enjoyed it, Millie?  I loved it, Paul. I thought you did a real nice job, congrats on a great book but………Now I don’t know about you, but when someone is talking to me, and the word but is used, I tend to forget everything that was just said prior to the but, because the real point of the communication is now on it’s way. I tell people when your communicating with another person, and your going to make a point, don’t use the word but. But what Millie I asked? You have thoughts and ideas I have heard before, I already know those things, it’s spirituality 101 stuff.

After hearing this I didn’t like Millie anymore (just kidding.) What Millie said was in fact true, there are some things I write about that could, and probably are thought of as basics. But I include them for this reason- We are failing the basics. We are failing spirituality 101, and need be reminded of what they are. You’re not going to pick up a book and discover new thoughts, new ideas or new concepts when it comes to human behavior or achieving what we desire most in our lives. Returning to and living by the basics was, and still is, the infrastructure for reaching the prosperity we all want in life, the prosperity in our relationships, finances and spiritual growth. The same thoughts and principals talked about today originated from profound teachings that go back over 2,000 years, and so do the reasons we fail to practice those principals in our daily lives.

Get yourself reacquainted with the basics. It is from this perspective we begin the natural progression into manifesting life, the part of us that has no understanding of limitations, shortages or ego. There is nothing to learn, this is accomplished through remembering. Life is not so much about learning new things as much as it is remembering what we already know. God will give you the vision, the rest is up to you. Keep the peace and God bless…Paul

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