The 3rd component of ego.

I am what others think of me. OK, I will admit it. When it comes to shows like American Idol, my head has been in the sand. Recently a friend forwarded me a video from the program, I’m assuming this video must be a year or two old because it’s been viewed 60 million times…yes, 60 million times. I watched it once, I watched it twice, I watched it 60 million times. I am one of those People always looking for something positive I can use along the way, we find them at times in the strangest of places, now I can add American Karaoke to that list.

When asked Who would you most like to be, She answered with Elaine Paige, which drew jeers and laughter from those in attendance, and the three “judges” looked at her cross eyed, yes the laughs were a’ plenty. The audience went hysterical went She walked out. They laughed at her attire, her appearance. They laughed loudly at her responses, and just to be sure we didn’t miss anything, the cameras panned the levity. What are you going to sing? I dream the dream from Les Miserable the frumpy Entertainer responded, somehow that was even funny.

But when the music began to play, Frumpy flat out kicked ass. 10,000 simple minded cynics listened with bewildering awe as Susan Boyle delivered delight to the ears of millions of people. But besides her ability to sing, an incredible ability at that, She also paid no attention to the treatment She was receiving prior to everybody digging her. She was not the least bit concerned with what others were saying, thinking or doing, She was not going to let other people determine her value.

To be concerned with what others think about us, or to become so consumed with who likes us or who does not like us is delusional. In fact, those who are popular, those who attract people are those who don’t worry about what others think, they march to their own drummer. People that make a difference in this world, those who lead by example I can promise you are not followers. They know what’s right for who they are, and unafraid to be who they are. There are people who can say one thing in Iowa at 9am, something different in Indiana at noon and then something completely different in California at 6pm, but that’s called campaigning. And in order to get elected, you have to be liked by a lot of people but only until your elected, that’s called politics!

We see this need in Children, the pressure of fitting in with a specific group they want to be identified with. Parents will tell them to just be yourself, just be who you are, and everything will be just fine, well try convincing a teenager of that. Then you see the people who are giving that advice doing the exact same thing, looking for identification and validation from those they seek approval. If you don’t think Adults behave this way, just attend a facebook party.

We all desire to be liked and accepted, I think that’s only natural. But approval seeking shows others a lack of confidence, an air of desperation, and this gives others little choice in how to react to you. Those who worry a lot less about what others think have far more time to focus their attention on the things that matter…God will give you the vision, the rest is up to you. Keep the peace, and God bless…….Paul

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