This elusive state called happiness.

I am quite pleased to be writing this blog. It’s my sincere desire that you read it daily, that you discover something in this body of work you find useful, something you can take with you and apply into your life starting today. In this opening blog, I would like to share some thoughts on happiness.

While visiting friends in Florida a while back, one of the points of interest I was told I must take in was watching the Greyhounds run.  In other words, we went to the dog track. I am not a fan of this activity, nor did I have any real interest in watching this so-called sport, but it did remind me of something that so many of us do.

As the gun sounds, the gates open and 8 dogs break out into an immediate sprint. Their focus is on a stuffed animal strategically placed along the rail.  This object is what the Greyhounds have been trained to pursue. Regardless of how fast the dogs run or the desire they have to catch this object, it remains at all times just out of reach. As long as the object appears close, the dogs will continue to pursue. Although the dogs have no idea the chase is futile, it’s everyone watching that is aware how it will end.

I believe it’s part of the human condition that tells us in order to be happy, we must pursue it. Like the dogs chasing the object, we do the same as well, believing if we chase it long enough, eventually we will capture it. The truth is we never will, because happiness is not a pursuable commodity, and those who watch us in pursuit also know we will never attain what we are actively chasing.

By pursuing anything in life we are telling ourselves as well as everyone around us we don’t have it, and worse than this, we have no idea where to look. I will be happy when I pay off the house, when I land a new job, when people appreciate my efforts or when I get my last child through college. I’ll be happy when this country elects a new president, when I find love, when..when..when.

Ego tells us happiness is found through external means.  This is false, and so is the ego. People will alter their bodies, purchase friendships, purchase new cars. Make no mistake.  When you internally bankrupt, no amount of external success can compensate; just think of someone like Chris Farley. Chris had external winnings on a level many can only dream of, but internally was empty, not a good place to be.

Happiness need not be discovered. You will not find happiness in the cushions of your couch, in an old purse or most dangerously, in another person. Happiness is an internal constant found in the simplest of things, happiness is a choice, a place not a destination and your free to experience it whenever you desire.

In order to find this elusive state called happiness, you need to call of your search.

Keep the Peace, and God Bless!

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  1. You make blogging look like a walk in the park! I’ve been trying to blog daily but I just cant find writing material.. you’re an inspiration to me and i’m sure many others!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to hearing from you soon..Paul

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