Three belief systems that fail us.

Everybody believes in something. We use this essential thought process to move us from where we are, to where we desire to be in our lives. Are there beliefs we feel help us, but in all actuality fail us? Three come to mind.

1. Our belief in blind belief- Now I am not talking about blind faith here, belief and faith are two different thoughts. Beliefs require some proof, some evidence to support the belief. A positive attitude needs to recognize truth in order to believe what makes sense, this is one way we build confidence. In March of 1997, in a upscale suburb of San Diego, 39 people were found dead, all of an apparent suicide. Everyone had on the same black Nike running outfit, same gym shoe, all with 5.00 in their pockets, all had plastic bags over their faces. What was their belief? The members of Heavens Gate believed the earth was about to be recycled, and the only way to heaven was leave the earth now, which they did by killing themselves. Following death, a ship was waiting to take them to heaven, behind their craft was another carrying Jesus Christ. This is what I am referring to as blind belief, because there was nothing to support this insane belief.

2. Our belief that good and truth mean the same thing- The tooth fairy comes and trades a tooth for a gift. The tooth fairy is a good thing, but not true. Cancer is a goal oriented disease, that’s to kill you. Cancer is very true, but is not good. This belief system is one that many carry, and makes sense, on the outside good and truth are things we all desire to have in our lives, correct? There is no relation to truth and goodness, meaning the same thing. Truth just is. Goodness is the result of many things, among them intelligent effort.

3. Our belief that our emotions are more reliable than our thoughts- You cannot experience an emotion without the thought that stirs it. It’s our 5 senses that create a thought, which in turn creates how we feel about it. To see a visually appealing person will create emotions of…well you get the idea! A thought of a partner involved in a clandestine affair will create emotions of anger and rage, even though that thought may be incorrect. But acting on emotion usually proves to be something we wish we had not done. To change our world, we need to change our thoughts. Thoughts are what we rely on, emotion is the by product of thoughts.

Keep these 5 in mind.

Believability- Is the belief feasible?

Evidence- Is there sufficient proof to carry the belief?

Lasting- Is it something you think about with congruency?

Individual- Is it something you can achieve on your own?

Ever Present- Is the belief always there?

Faith- Is God a part of the desired outcome?






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