Tis the season for a reminder.

Tis’ the season. Three little words we all are hearing repeatedly now, but what’s the meaning behind it? Tis the season. If you’re in retail, a call to spend some dollars on Christmas gifts. For certain faiths, a celebration of Christ’s birth. Others gear up for the new year, new resolutions, new hope for the upcoming year. Regardless of the meaning, the tendency is for us to be a little more thoughtful and reflective, with the minor exception of how we go about finding places to park at the malls! My big thing is do I wear a coat in or do I leave it in the car? If you leave it in the car, yeah you freeze for a few minutes, but if you wear it into the mall you either sweat for the time your there, or you have to carry it around, sounds like a little complaining on my part, huh?

Complaining? But Tis the season, goodwill to Men, who would complain about anything during Tis the season? Ungrateful attitudes know no season unfortunately, this is a good time for the reflective aspect of Tis the season to reign. So what is it that so many of us are so unhappy about we need to be complaining so frequently?

Is it because the homes we live in come with electricity and running water that we can heat when it’s cold outside, or cool when it gets to hot outside? Is the source of our discontent due to the fact when we wake in the morning we have appliances that brew our coffee, toast our bread, scramble our eggs or a place where we can shower alone and comfortably? Is the problem that 94% of us have automobiles to drive, many with two that are parked in garages? Is it because we’re so inconvenienced with convenience? After all, on just about every corner you will find a gas station, convenience store or a restaurant, is that part of the reason we so ungrateful? Is it upsetting to know you can walk into a grocery store at any given time of the day or evening, and see more food than some Countries will in a year? Choices. Now that’s something to be irritated over. We choose our elected officials without threat or duress, who we marry, where our kids will go to school what to watch on the TV that has over 500 channels, our Doctor, Dentist career path. A real gripe for sure is knowing if you fall gravely ill, pushing three buttons on your telephone summons trained Technicians with life saving equipment to your home in minutes, and transport you to a hospital right in your neighborhood. Law enforcement, should your family or property be threatened, will arrive to protect your family and property, risking their life to save yours.

So with so much bitching and malcontent circulating, why is that 75% of the world population would risk life and limb to come to a place where there’s so much unhappiness? Because they understand there is no better place on earth than the land of the free, the home of the brave. We spend an inordinate amount of time bitching about what we don’t have, rather than appreciating and giving thanks for all that we do, and we have much to be grateful for. We need to be reminded of what’s important in this life. Yes the economy is not good, I think God is taking this time to “remind” us that simplicities are what’s important, the things we simply take for granted because we have become so used to having them. Before you get out of bed in the morning, think of 5 things that your grateful for, do this before your feet hit the floor. Keep the peace and God bless…Paul

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2 Responses to “ Tis the season for a reminder. ”

  1. Mr. Wedding…good morning and this is a great article! Every day I pray and thank God for what I have/don’t have. I too was at a point in my life when my children were little where we had very little in our lives…near homeless almost. Through the grace of God, I raised them on my own, worked 3 jobs and also put myself back through school while raising my children. Was it difficult? Absolutely! Was it worth the struggles? Absolutely! I had very strong values taught to me growing up and I passed them on to my children! I learned to appreciate what I/we didn’t have and that while the finer things in life were out there to be found, I never forgot where I came from or what God teaches us…same for my children. I really should be doing social work as I love helping people who have less than me! I am grateful every day what I have learned and become and what my children live by today. My college education landed me a very high paying job, the rat race, getting lost in all that…but I have never, ever lost who I am and what I believe. My only complaint is that doctors cannot help people more that need it who are in serious pain. amazes me every single day.
    The Serenity Prayer works for me every day.
    God bless you and all that you do!

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