Why I unfriended facebook.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m slow to act, at least on some things that is, things considered tech type advances. The publishing house I write for turned me onto email, which meant no more hand written chapters, but required me getting a computer, that was first. Next, a portable phone was brought into my mundane world, that was second. In order to use my computer, I would need internet access provided by my cable company which I did, that was third. I didn’t need these features in my life, I had gotten along just fine without them, I honestly had no idea they existed, no word of a lie here. E-mail and texting became the communication equivalent to the gift card Christmas present, which screams I put absolutely no thought whatsoever into your gift this year, Merry Christmas! To me texting and emails often reflect one’s unwillingness for actual conversation with a specific someone, a backdoor way of saying hello, I’ll talk to you another time! A couple of months following my introduction to these advances, we were tighter than two coats of paint. If I drove away from my home to find I left my phone behind, I had to go back and get it. Yeah I know, Steve and Sally are getting married in ten minutes, but my phone! My phone! I’ll be right back! I received a letter in the mail from the Verizon store. Seems I’ve been around long enough to “upgrade” into another phone, a better phone…The BlackBerry! Everything all rolled up into one, fitting so comfortably in my sweaty palm, sweaty anytime I was separated from it. My life was contained in this phone, literally. The good folks at Verizon lied to me. This device will make your life so much easier, much more convenient, Mr. Wedding. Oh, by the way, convenience will soon be a necessity! In other words, delete the thought of ever parting ways Paul, you’ll need us more than the air you breathe, and welcome to the Verizon family! She was right. My cell phone is a permanent piece of me, just like my birthmark. “You need a page on facebook, Paul.” On what I asked? “Facebook. It’s a social media site, It’ll be good for you, and promoting your book and speaking events.” Good for me? Where have I heard that, before? So I did that day, I opened a facebook page. I opened a twitter account. The story I told is exactly how some handle their facebook experience, they just can’t go to long without it. I’m not saying every person with a facebook page does, but a majority do, enough in fact that unfriending flakebook is what people do….Well, not many. Your not on facebook, Paul? Really? Wow, I can’t believe that? Having a flakebook page is as normal today as wearing the same colored socks, to not have a page has you in the social media minority. Since I’ve vanished into the backdrop of what’s called my life, I thought I’d share some of the irritating things people do and say on facebook that may cause you a thumbs down.

1. Stop with the frequent posts- 11:30am- McDonalds or Burger King? 11:35- Fries or onion rings? 11:37- Diet or regular? 11:40- Bag or tray? 11:45- Ice cream or pie? Wow! Thanks for all the great responses! You guys are the best! OK enough already. It’s not a game show, nobody’s waiting for “survey says!!” Do us all a favor and just gas on your lunch hour..

2. Stop with those “I need attention” posts- “I don’t think I can do this another day”, “Talked to Sally, she’s crushed.” “I’ve tried everything, nothing left.” If attention or concern is what you need, why not call the person this posting is intended for? You’ll draw the oh no what’s wrong responses, just be ready to respond when the attention seeker is soliciting you, because that’s who responds to these vague and feeble attempts for a viral shoulder.

3. The if you re-post this to 50 people in ten minutes, God will reward you with something great today- That’s a lot of pressure! I don’t know 50 people! What’s God gonna do if I ignore it? Stop sending these requests! They usually require the reader to scroll down for 15 minutes, only to have an assignment at the end of it. God does reward us with great things, they come through prayer and service, through loving and caring for one another. The internet has watered down true communication, but prayer shouldn’t be part of that.

4. A call to action that’s pointless-If you want to see bullying of defenseless children end, put a picture of your passenger side car seat as your status update for two hours, let’s see how courageous you are. Would you please knock this off! If the bullying of children is truly something you’ve had enough of, then do something to stop it. Get involved in a community group, talk to those who are bullies, talk to those getting bullied, by all means get involved, what a great idea!

5. My marriage/relationship ended because of facebook- Let me remind you of something; facebook is a program, it doesn’t make decisions that ruin lives, people do that.

6. I’m doing some facebook house cleaning. If you see I’ve unfriended you, please don’t take it personally- Who would?! It’s facebook! If you feel you must tell someone they’re about to get jobbed from your page, chances are pretty good you want that person taking it personally, and want that person to feel hurt. Chances are even better you have a fairly inflated image of yourself even for a social media page, and your departure probably would have gone unnoticed should you didn’t say anything at all.

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Keep the peace and God Bless……….Paul Wedding


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