Worry or not, here it comes.

I have a question to ask. When was the last time you worried over a situation, so much, that your worry solved the problem?

Worry is a big part of the human condition. I think we have all bought into the belief that if we’re not worried about it, then we don’t care. We grew up watching adults all around us worried about the family finances to who shot J.R. Stress, worry and anxiety are not real. If they are real, could someone please show me what they look like? Worry is another conditioned response we often reach for in situations appearing dire, it’s what we know. Worry for many is a mental accelerant to problem solving, in actuality, it’s the antithesis.

I believe it was Bobby McFarren who wrote a little diddy, and made quite a bit of money reminding people not to worry, just be happy. In theory that’s nice, but in real life, a little more in the way of management may be required.

1. Understand the difference between concern and worry- Concern is taking a positive view of a situation. Because a situation may happen or may not happen, we stay in a good frame of mind, thus make better decisions. When we are worried, we see the situation as only worry views it, from the worst case scenario.

2. We tend to overexaggerate our situation- It’s Sunday evening and you notice your sneezing. Well because you know yourself so well, by Tuesday it’s going to turn into a bad cough. On Thursday it’s going to be in your lungs, then come Saturday your gonna have bronchitis, and on Monday you’ll be calling in sick to work, missing at least five days, and the house payment will be late this month. Your going to miss making the house payment all because you sneezed a couple of times!

3. Options and time- Do not let to much time go by before you feel the sense of urgency to act. As time passes by, options dwindle, then before you know it, options have been exhausted. So stay one step ahead.

4. Age old advice- We have heard this before, and it makes a lot of sense. If something is in your control, then don’t worry about it. If something is out of your control, then don’t worry about it, either way, stop the worry.

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